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China's Leading Manufacturer of 200-400 Ton Hydraulic Press Machine

 The computer optimized structure design is simple, economical and practical.
 Brand imported parts, fast speed, high precision, increase production efficiency by 10-20%.
 Support customized production on demand, free training and use.
 Sell a variety of models of 200-400 ton presses, four-column hydraulic presses, horizontal hydraulic presses and deep drawing hydraulic presses.
It is suitable for bending, stretching and forming of various products with powerful functions.

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We Provide One-stop Service for Your 200-400 ton Hydraulic Press Machine Solution

The 200-400 ton hydraulic press is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials. Such as flanging, sheet stretching, bending, etc., can also help your company complete calibration, press-fitting, cold-extrusion, plastic products, and powder products compression molding, give full play to its powerful process technology, get rid of the trouble of a single process, greatly improve the production efficiency and production quality of hydraulic presses.

You can get 200-400 ton C-frame hydraulic presses, hydraulic forging presses, and H-frame hydraulic presses at Xinke with good price.
200 Ton Hydraulic Drawing press
250 Ton Hydraulic forming press
300 Ton Hydraulic stamping press
350Ton Hydraulic drawing press
400 Ton C frame Hydraulic press
200 Ton hydraulic forging press
300 ton H-frame hydraulic presses
400 ton Hydraulic Drawing Press

Complete Optional Accessories Service

Mobile workbench

It is welded with steel plates and can automatically move in the forward and backward directions of the hydraulic press, which can improve production efficiency.

Automatic feeding system

The automatic feeding system can realize the continuous feeding operation of all the feeding units, effectively saving you labor costs.

Servo CNC mold lighting

Servo CNC mold lighting is conducive to the night work of the hydraulic press, reducing the damage and wrinkles of the finished product.

Light curtain safety protection device

Through the application of the light curtain safety protection device, the normal and safe operation of the operator and equipment can be guaranteed.

Mould heating intelligent temperature control device

The mold heating intelligent temperature control device can intelligently control the oil temperature without manual measurement, which ensures the production accuracy of processed products.

Industrial touch screen cooling equipment

Water-cooled, air-cooled, industrial forced refrigerators and other touch the industrial display screen to understand the operating status of the equipment in real time and make timely adjustments.

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Professional Production Process of 200-400 Tons Hydraulic Press

Design drawings

According to your production needs, we will provide you with a complete 200-ton hydraulic press production design drawing to ensure the adaptability of production.

Prepare parts

Procurement of important parts imported from abroad to ensure the operating performance of the hydraulic press.


According to the needs of hydraulic presses, grooving, drilling and grinding are carried out to ensure that the parts can be installed accurately.


Assemble the hydraulic press in strict accordance with the drawings to ensure the safety performance of the hydraulic press.


We will debug and run the hydraulic press before delivery, so that you can directly put it into production after you receive the goods.

Global Cooperation Case

We have more than 10 years of production experience and have obtained a number of production patents, which can provide you with excellent design and manufacturing capabilities of high-quality hydraulic presses. We provide installation, commissioning, training, and maintenance services for every overseas customer. So far, we have customized and produced professional 200-400 ton hydraulic presses for companies from many regions around the world. In xinke, ordering a high-performance 200-400ton hydraulic press can not only get a satisfactory quotation, but also enjoy professional and thoughtful service.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What certifications do we have?

    A CE Certificate; SGS Certificate
  • Q What size products can we provide?

    A Follow the products to design the size, the max. table size now we can do is 4000*3500mm
  • Q Is it possible to customize the hydraulic press? How to customize?

    A Yes! most of presses are customized! Customers only need to provide their products details or the press requirements, the we will design the suitable machine..
  • Q What is the cooperation process?

    A The customer communicates fully with us. We compile the technical parameter table of the hydraulic press under the condition of fully understanding the product performance. After the two parties have reached an agreement, the contract is signed and the deposit is paid. The seller places the production plan to produce the hydraulic press according to the contract. After the production of the hydraulic press is completed , The buyer pays the balance and the seller delivers the goods. Then the seller sends personnel to the buyer’s factory to instruct and install and debug the hydraulic press, train the customer to operate and use, and sign a commissioning order. At this point, the machine will be guaranteed for one year and maintenance for life.




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