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HY49 Three way Hydraulic extrude Press
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HY49 Three way Hydraulic extrude Press

HY49 Three way Hydraulic extrude Press


haft Parts in Bicycle. Main cylinder mould clamping, finishing billet Extrusion by two-side synchro Cylinder, and equipping hydraulic feeder to finish auto-feeding, extrusion and discharging, and no need adding other hydraulic and control system. The worker only need to add material into feeder, featuring reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency and saving labor charges.

Gantry-style structure is with high rigidity, small deformation, big opening of two sides and wide usage. Main slider is driven by main cylinder, moving up and down in the direction of two guide pillar. Two opposing mould halves are respectively fixed in washer of working table and slider. After two opposing clamping, slider chucking extrusion billet. Extruding dies is fixed in two sides sliders, which are driven by two-side oil cylinder. To the need of high extruding rigidity, two-side sliders are guided by dovetail groove of slide rest, which is fixed on frame. Mechanical links device promises the precision of synchro.

Main cylinder and two-side cylinder fix growth cylinder to accelerate idle speed and return speed. Oil tank is on the top of machine, which is good for filling oil and reducing cover area. Valve integrated system adopt domestic Rexroth Valve with high system reliability and long using. Oil pump adopt imported Dannison high pressure vane pump with the features of small volume, high flow and long usage. In order to improve stability and extend hydraulic parts’ lifetime, this system equip with Suction Filter and finned water cooler to promise machine working stable.

Strength of electric separation design is adopted in electric system to enhance safety. High voltage ark is on the top of machine, near to electric motor. Electric motor is driven by Y-△, so that reducing driving load. PLC in Low voltage ark controls movement of machine, and control sign of PLC control execute components through miniature intermediate relay. PLC control is with feature of high reliability, convenient amendment, saving space and high response speed. Proximity switches are used in machine stroke with the feature of high location accuracy, no mechanical life and no damage. Adding safety switch promise the movement of joint extrusion separation to avoid damaging the mould.


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Suitable for drawing, bending, forming, stamping and flanging processes, especially for the following fields:

Automobile parts productions: vehicle bodywork, brake disc, oil tank, chassis, rear axle and bumper, etc.

Household Electronic: Washing machine parts, electric cooker, TV set parts, refrigerator parts;

Kitchen utensils: kitchen sinks, pots, stainless steel articles and other containers;

Others: tractor, motorcycle, aircraft and aerospace industry.


HY49 Three way Hydraulic extrude Press

Nominal Pressure of Main CylinderkN15002000
Nominal Pressure of Side CylinderkN750*21500*2
Stroke of Main Cylindermm150150
Stroke of Side Cylindermm250300
The Working Pressure of FluidMain CylinderMpa3-17.63-17.6
Side CylinderMpa3/163/16
Working Speed of Main CylinderDescendingmm/s240230
Working Speed of Side CylinderMovingmm/s250200
The Max. OpeningUp-Downmm560580
 Size of Working TableLeft-Rightmm500500
Electric PowerkW3755

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