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Xinke-Professional Manufacturer of Horizontal Hydraulic Presses

Xinke-Professional Manufacturer of Horizontal Hydraulic Presses

As your professional horizontal hydraulic press manufacturer in China, the horizontal hydraulic press produced by xinke has the following advantages:
Computer optimized structure design, with good economical practicability;
The hydraulic control adopts a cartridge valve integrated system, which is reliable in action and has a long service life, which reduces the connecting pipes and leakage points;
Independent electrical control system, pretending to be reliable, action-only, and convenient maintenance;
It adopts button centralized control, with two operation modes of adjustment and two-handed single cycle;
It can realize the two forming processes of constant stroke and constant pressure, and has the performance of pressure holding time delay;
The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted arbitrarily within the specified range.
Send us the parameters or drawings you need quickly, and we will provide you with a customized solution.