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Steel winding hydraulic press
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Steel winding hydraulic press

Steel winding hydraulic press

The press is used in pressing for kinds of ceramic tiles.

The main press body is used prestree wire rope reeving structure to imprve the life time.

Main cylinder is double function piston cylinder. Main cylinder is fix on the upper beam by circuit board. Main piston and beam are rigidity connected. When pressing, main piston moves up and down to drive beams to complete adding pressure.

Main cylinder parts: Positive cylinder structure.

Hydraulic system: New design pump station and circuit system.

Electrical control system: Using SIEMENS314 PLC control device.

Main pump: using constant power variable pump to promise the motor safety working, then reach to save energy. New design cartridge valve structure to reduce flow and response time is reduced from 120ms to 40ms.

Using double process cooling device to improv the cooling result.

Adding pressure is controled by time and pressure, and using new pressure cortrol calculation to make tile forming more reliable, flexible and stable.

Accumulator is installed on the pressing plate, which can be quick filling oil , ruduce pressure lost and improve pressing effiency.

Adding oil and gas seperating device to delete the leakage problem and improve the cleaness.

Accumulator is made the filling oil more stable and reliable.

Optional accessories:

This die-casting machine is with the features of stability, reliability, flexibility, convenient and power saving


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Tel : +86-572-2672703

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