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Y27 Single Action hydraulic press
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Y27 Single Action hydraulic press

Y27 Single action metal sheet hydraulic stamping press


Based on Computer Optimizing Structure Design. Four-Column type Hydraulic Press is with simple structure, economic and practical; T

Cartridge Foundation System equipped in hydraulic control system and below 550t, equipped in Electro-slider valve hydraulic system with high reliability and durability, small hydraulic impact, and minimum hydraulic impact design.

Electrical system controlled by PLC unit, with the features of compact, sensitivity, reliability and flexibility.

Three operation modes: Adjustment, Two-hand/single circle and Auto continuous(equipped with robots) operations

Under the choice of different actions, having Preset Stroke Forming or Preset Pressure Forming Process, and cushion actions including Rest, Ejection or blankholding can be selected. Flange Connections is adopted in Hydraulic Plumbing System with good sealing performance and reducing leak point.



Suitable for drawing, bending, forming, stamping and flanging processes, especially for the following fields:

Automobile parts productions: vehicle bodywork, brake disc, oil tank, chassis, rear axle and bumper, etc.

Household Electronic: Washing machine parts, electric cooker, TV set parts, refrigerator parts;

itchen utensils: kitchen sinks, pots, stainless steel articles and other containers;

others: tractor, motorcycle, aircraft and aerospace industry.


Optional accessories:

Servo Control; Normal Control; Moving Table; Proportional regulation for slide speed and force; Proportional regulation for cushion force; Cutting dampening system; Light curtain safety device; Mold heating intelligent temperature control device or water cooling, air cooling, industrial forced refrigeration and other cooling devices; touch industrial display; displacement sensing device; floating guide and rolling bracket for mold change; column lubrication device;

Y27 Single action metal sheet hydraulic stamping press

 Items                  Type Unit Y27-60Y27-100Y27-160Y27-210Y27-250Y27-315
Nominal Pressure of Main CylinderkN4006301100150018002000
Knock-Out Force of Main CylinderkN60100180210400360
 Main Cylinder StrokekN450500600600710800
 The Max.Pressure of Operating LiquidMPa252525252525
The Max.Opening from Slider to Work Table mm65070080080010001100
Nominal Pressure of Hydraulic CushionkN2004006306307001500
 Hydraulic Cushion Strokemm200200250250300300
Nominal Force of Knock-out CylinderkN151520203040
Stroke of Knock-out Cylindermm100120150150200200
Speed of Main CylinderDescendmm/s250250250250210150
Working mm/s20-3919-3015-3312/2510/3015-30
      Speed of Hydraulic CushionEjectionmm/s756060607550
Active Area of Working Table(E×D)Left-Rightmm5506107107107901200
工作台面距地面高度Table Height(I)mm900920950970750600
电动机功率          Electric Motor PowerkW7.51115152230

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