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Y71 SMC and BMC Hydraulic Press
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Y71 SMC and BMC Hydraulic Press

Y71 SMC Hydraulic Press

Frame or Four-column style based on Computer Optimizing Structure Design with high precious and durability.

Latest Closed-loop ratio control technology with digital display, position, pressure and speed setting,

Adopted in Inverter Control System with simple controlling, reliable performance and also reach to special SMC forming process.

 With the latest Closed-loop ratio control technology, digital control the speed, pressure, position, and pressing process with very high accuracy. The presses are will suitable for high quality production of various thermo setting and thermo-plastic SMC/BMC/DMC/LFT-D products. Widely used on aviation, aerospace, track vehicle, vessel, automobile, architecture, petrifaction, energy, electric and literary form producing.

Optional accessories:

Servo numerical control type; Original frequency conversion energy saving control; Movable workbench; Light curtain safety protection device; Mold heating intelligent temperature control device or water cooling, air cooling, industrial forced refrigerator and other cooling devices; Touch type industrial display screen; Displacement sensing device; Floating guide rail and rolling bracket for die change; Column lubrication device; Mold lamp; External ejection device, core pulling, spraying, vacuum pumping device; Four-angle leveling system

Y71 SMC Hydraulic Press

Items          Type UnitY71-63Y71-100Y71-200Y71-315Y71-400Y71-500Y71-630Y71-800Y71-1000Y71-1200Y71-1600Y71-2000Y71-2500Y71-3000
Nominal PressurekN6301000200031504000500063008000100001250016000200002500030000
Preload PressurekN250315630100012502000250025003150315050006300800010000
Mould Opening ForcekN1252504000630800100012501250160016002500315040005000
 Ejection ForcekN125250400630630100010001000100010001600200020002000
Size of Working TableLeft-Rightmm57072093012601300140016002000200022002500300032003600
 Opening Heightmm800900112012501250150015001600200020002000250025002500
 Slider Stroket50063071080080090011001200140014001500150015001500
 Knockout Strokemm/s200200200300300300300300300300300300300300
 Quick Descend Speedmm200200200220250250250300350350350350350350
 Preload Speedmm/s5~255~255~205~205~205~205~255~255~255~255~255~255~255~25
Pressing Speedmm/s2~1010~202~72~72~72~71~51~51~51~51~51~51~51~5
 Mould Opening Speedmm/s5~305~305~305~305~305~305~305~305~305~302~252~252~252~25
 Slider Returnmm/s200200200250250260280280300300300300300300
 Slow Knockoutmm/s5~305~305~305~305~305~305~305~305~305~302~302~302~302~30
 Quick Ejectingmm/s808080808080606080808080100100

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Huzhou Xinke Forging Machine Co., Ltd is located in Huzhou Economic and Technology Development Zone-South west Branch, to the west of Huzhou Bus Station. It locates in the superiorly geographical position and transportation convenient! The company possesses a group of professional Engineer and machinist for designing and making Hydraulic Press. We have formed kinds of structure, such as Four Column, Gantry style, Single column, and Horizontal Type. Our products include Special Hydraulic Press, Single-action Hydraulic Stamping Press, Double-action Hydraulic Drawing Press, Mental Extrusion Hydraulic Press, Powder Extrusion Hydraulic Press and Motor Manufacturing Hydraulic Press, etc. We can make a set of Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Control System and Hydraulic Power Station! 

We can offer the low price and reliable products, and also we will full play our technique and process to design effective equipment. We also can modify and improve Hydraulic system! Through scientific management and all the staff unremitting efforts, Hydraulic products are with High Quality, Highly Reliability and suitable price.





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