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C frame Hydraulic Press

  • Computer optimized designed C frame vertical structure with high rigidity.
  • With Ram direction guide rod for higher accuracy
  • Independent hydraulic and electrical control system, centralized pushbutton control
  • Preset Stroke Forming or Preset Pressure Forming process at choice, pressure holding period can be preset and Automatic return
  • Adjustment operation or Two-hand/single cycle operation is at operator’s choice
  • Stroke and pressure can be adjusted within specified scope

C frame Hydraulic Press Machine:

A variety of c-frame hydraulic presss to meet different industrial needs, suitable for industrial pressing of various metals or non-metals
Adjusting and press-in processes for shaft and sleeve parts.
Forming processes for Non-metal materials, plastics products and powder products.
Drawing, forming, and coining processes for small size sheet metal products; bending, pressing, forming process for big size sheet metal products.

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Complete Optional Accessories Service

Mobile workbench-Xinke

Mobile workbench

Reinforced table, surface quenched, polished to make the hydraulic press more durable.

Automatic feeding system-Xinke

Automatic feeding system

Through the application of the automatic feeding system, the mistakes caused by manual operation can be avoided, and the production efficiency can be increased at the same time.

Servo CNC mold lighting-Xinke

Servo CNC mold lighting

The use of servo CNC mold lighting can effectively reduce the error rate of the machine during production operations and improve the quality of the finished product.

Light curtain safety protection device-Xinke

Light curtain safety protection device

Through the application of the light curtain safety protection device, the operation safety of the operator and the normal and safe operation of the mechanical equipment can be guaranteed.

Mould heating intelligent temperature control device-Xinke

Mould heating intelligent temperature control device

The mold heating intelligent temperature control device can intelligently control the oil temperature, which improves the intelligence of machine production and is beneficial to improve the accuracy of the finished product.

Industrial touch screen cooling equipment-Xinke

Industrial touch screen cooling equipment

Touch industrial display screens to understand the operating status of the equipment in real-time for adjustment at any time, ensuring the smoothness and high efficiency of machine production.

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Frequently Asked Question

CE Certificate; SGS Certificate

Follow the products to design the size, the max. table size now we can do is 4000*3500mm

Yes! most of presses are customized! Customers only need to provide their products details or the press requirements, the we will design the suitable machine..

The customer communicates fully with us. We compile the technical parameter table of the hydraulic press under the condition of fully understanding the product performance. After the two parties have reached an agreement, the contract is signed and the deposit is paid. The seller places the production plan to produce the hydraulic press according to the contract. After the production of the hydraulic press is completed , The buyer pays the balance and the seller delivers the goods. Then the seller sends personnel to the buyer’s factory to instruct and install and debug the hydraulic press, train the customer to operate and use, and sign a commissioning order. At this point, the machine will be guaranteed for one year and maintenance for life.

C frame Hydraulic Press FAQ Guide

1. What is a C-frame hydraulic press?

C-frame hydraulic presses are hydraulic presses in which the frame is a C-shape. They are most commonly used for pressing large objects that other types of presses cannot easily handle.
A hydraulic jack lifts the top of the C-shaped frame, and a hydraulic ram pushes the bottom of the C-frame up, thus exerting force on the object being pressed. C-frames create extreme pressure, which is necessary to encourage objects such as motor blocks and other large, heavy parts. Compared to different hydraulic presses, C-frame presses are more compact and efficient.
It is most often used for heavy-duty work of metal pressing and extensive volume shaping of metals. It is designed to have a large force and handle massive objects.

2. What are the uses of the C-frame Hydraulic Press?

A hydraulic press is a device used to press materials, helping fabrication, assembly, and maintenance facilities. It employs pressure generated by a pump to push a steel cylinder into a material at a set force. C-frame presses are commonly used in automobile, aviation, aerospace, and defense industries. Some of the most common uses of the C-frame Hydraulic Press are in the following fields.

Assembly: Besides stamping, a manufacturer might also perform other metal forming processes like assembly, where small parts are fastened to more significant amounts using a hydraulic assembly press.

Bending: One of the most common uses of the C-frame hydraulic press is metal bending. Straining a material, usually a flat sheet or strip of metal moves it around a straight axis and applies stress.

Cutting metal: A C-frame hydraulic press can be used to cut out a piece of metal and then retain that piece of metal. The rest of the material is discarded as scrap.

Coining: Coining is where a work piece is put in a closed die system and has all its surfaces highly compressed.

Forging: Forging is shaping heated metal by hitting it with a heavy hammer to achieve the desired shape for casts, plates, or other items.

Shearing: The shearing process typically uses a machine that shears metal along a straight edge, such as a cutting torch or saw blade.

Rolling: Rolling in processing metal into specified cross-sectional shapes by passing it through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce thickness and increase length while preserving the general longitudinal shape.

Metal forming: Metal forming is the process by which various metals are shaped into definite forms through deformation with or without applying pressure. Forming forms metal into shapes from flat sheets or coil stock or one piece into another.

Drawing: Drawing is pulling metal through one or more holes in a die, which reduces the cross-sectional area, lengthens, and thins the metal.

Twisting: Twisting is the joint operation in which both ends of an object are simultaneously bent in opposite directions about a common axis so that the two ends move closer together.

3. How much is a C-frame hydraulic press?

Prices will vary based on the brand, specification, quality of the product, and prices for other brands and quality grades vary widely. As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic presses in China, we provide high-quality products at affordable prices.
The best price is to buy directly from the factory or company, which ensures that you get the quality and after-sales service you need. Our company sells from a factory that has been in this business for many years and the price is already low.

4. What is a c-frame hydraulic press made of?

A C-frame press is a mechanical assembly containing a frame, hydraulic cylinder, and upper and lower platens. A c-frame media is made from stainless steel and has two cylinders connected. One end of the cylinder contains hydraulics fluid, while the other is fixed to the platen.

C-frame press design is pretty basic, consisting of a steel frame, hydraulic cylinders, and an upper and lower die. The press’s frame is typically made of A36 steel because it has favorable characteristics and strength, making these hydraulic machines a suitable option for stamping applications. C-frame presses are often chosen for many different applications, including material shapes and sizes.

5. In which industries are the c-frame hydraulic press used?

The manufacturing and printing industry relies heavily on the C-frame hydraulic press equipment. Apart from using press-work, the C-frame hydraulic press can also be used in aerospace, automotive, ceramics, food and beverage processing, and other industrial companies.

6. What are the advantages of the c-frame hydraulic press?

C-frame presses, due to the design of their C-shaped frame, can be more efficient for manufacturers because they offer many benefits such as:

A large amount of force: These presses are advantageous because they offer a significant amount of energy, which is favorable for utilizing heavy-duty applications.

Automatic operation: C-frame presses can be operated manually or automatically due to their design. This flexibility helps take up less floor space and lowers manufacturing costs.

Minimal stroke deflection: C-frame presses have minimal stroke deflection, making the press easier to set up and more efficient to use.

Less floor space required: Also, these machines are small in size, which makes them easy to move around. It also provides more open areas and better access to the press’s operations area.

Cost-effective: Another positive is the cost of purchasing a c-frame hydraulic press, which is very affordable. Compared to other hydraulic press types, C-frame presses are one of the cheapest options in their category.

7. C-frame hydraulic press features?

C-frame hydraulic presses are great for high clamp forces and steel plates. The machine pressure is between 15 and 5000 tons (depending on the model), and it features a safety catcher. There are many models with clamp system supports, including down acting. The press has been operating for years, and the company has much experience developing it.

You can quickly change over from closing to pressing speed, and the machine automatically goes from one speed to another. It features a programmable controller with an HMI monitoring system, including a cycle time counter and automatic transition from closing to pressing speed.

The standard pressing speed is 5 IPM, and the closing speed is between 70 and 100 IPM, depending on the model. The OSHA-approved operating system has been safety-certified. More importantly, it is equipped with an emergency pressure relief valve that measures the pressure in the hydraulic system and a high-efficiency TEFC motor.

A water-cooled heat exchanger is available, and an electrical supply of 460/3/60 voltages. The platens are usually 15″ x 15″ to 30″ x 30″, and a programmable controller with an HMI is also available. The automatic transition from closing to pressing speed is proper, among other features.

8. What are the 3 basic parts needed for a horizontal hydraulic press?

The hydraulic press machine follows Pascal’s Law and consists of two cylinders, with a plunger and ram. The press exerts a small force on the plunger, pressing the fluid below it. This pressure can then be distributed evenly, and the ram is raised by contact with the plunger. The pressure between the plunger and the ram presses down and crushes whatever is in between them.

The basic idea behind Pascal’s principle is that pressure in a fluid system will act the same regardless of size. For example, suppose a modest mechanical force applied to a small cross-sectional area of one piston results in a more significant mechanical force on another piston. In that case, the machine can double a small force by using a change in pressure to an enclosed fluid.

9. How C-frame is the hydraulic press constructed?

Hydraulic presses are a device that uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force. There are three main parts: the hydraulic power unit, the electric control unit, and the main machine body. For safety, there is usually a pair of sensors in front of the operative side of the working table that detects if there are any people. A protective shield will be added for protection to the machine itself.

A C-frame hydraulic press consists of two cylinders and works by applying a small force to the plunger, and with force multiplication, this increased force is delivered from the ram.

10. Why use C-frame hydraulic press?

A hydraulic press is a device that is used to press out materials. It helps people fabricate and assemble things like tools and equipment. They are also used in utility and to minimize stroke deflection. C-frame presses are specifically designed to take up less floor space, suitable for those with limited space.

They are versatile and can be used for many applications in different industries. They are usually used for pressing two things together or apart. For example, this can be done by pressing bearings, shaft fitted metal parts, or bending or straightening materials. They can also be used in some instances, such as to hold materials together during assembly or disassemble parts for maintenance.

11. Why choose Xinke as your C-frame hydraulic press manufacturer?

Xinke is one of China’s leading hydraulic press producers. Founded more than ten years ago, we specialize in hydraulic presses and related devices. Our range includes special hydraulic presses, single-action presses, double-action stretching machines, metal extrusion presses, powder-extrusion presses, and motor manufacturing presses. To provide you with tailor-made solutions for your specific production needs, our team of experienced engineers is always ready to provide you with a quality service.

As one of the leading hydraulic forging presses manufacturers, Xinke Machinery has been devoted to building hydraulic forging presses for many years. To get a competitive edge in the market, Xinke Machinery provides high-quality hydraulic forging presses and offers progressive technology, friendly service, and competitive price.

This makes so many customers choose Xinke as their hydraulic forging presses manufacturer because of Xinke’s advantages.
The Xinke Hydraulic Forging Press can produce different parts at low prices, high quality, and high precision, including hydraulic forging, automotive, industrial, metal forming, and metal stamping parts.

12. How does Xinke control the quality of the C-frame hydraulic press?

Xinke has a rigorous quality management system and production process. Xinke thoroughly checks the frames before they are shipped so that we can identify and fix any problems before they happen. This is just one of many verification steps. We improve work and production efficiency with extensive quality and production management and produce reliable products. Through strict requirements and high-quality control, Xinke provides the best service to customers and provides you with the best products and services.

Our company, Xinke Press, is a high-quality product with a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. After finalizing the design and production procedures, several pieces go into the production process. This is done to ensure the quality and functionality of the product. Various quality checks are performed throughout the production process to ensure that it meets our standards. The director inspects every product before it is sent to our customers. To remain competitive, we use only high-quality materials and components, with all items carrying a quality test certificate.

13. What after-sales service does Xinke provide?

Xinke’s customer service is one of its most vital selling points and the product itself. After-sales training allows customers to get familiar with the use of your product while providing information on the care and maintenance of their new appliance. Maintenance allows you to schedule regular check-ins with your clients, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and informing your customers about any issues that need to be addressed.

With pro-active customer service representatives on standby 24/7, the e-commerce site ensures that no matter when or where you need assistance, and you’ll have someone to depend on to answer your questions and put you in touch with a helpful seller.
Briefly most important things are

To provide complete after-sales support to customers.
To cater to and satisfy their various needs through specialized designs and advanced technologies such as programmable logic controls, servo, and proportional controls.
To put together a range of products to meet the industry’s future needs with the help of R&D and a “customer care center.”

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