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Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press
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Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press

Based on Computer Optimizing Structure Design. Four-Column type Hydraulic Press is with simple structure, economic and practical;
Cartridge Foundation System equipped in hydraulic control system and below 550t, equipped in Electro-slider valve hydraulic system with high reliability and durability, small hydraulic impact, and minimum hydraulic impact design.Electrical system controlled by PLC unit, with the features of compact, sensitivity, reliability and flexibility.
Three operation modes: Adjustment, Two-hand/single circle and Auto continuous(equipped with robots) operations
Under the choice of different actions, having Preset Stroke Forming or Preset Pressure Forming Process, and cushion actions including Rest, Ejection or blankholding can be selected. Flange Connections is adopted in Hydraulic Plumbing System with good sealing performance and reducing leak point.

We will provide you with the following types of Deep drawing hydraulic press machines

HY27 Frame Hydraulic Drawing Press
Y27 Single Action hydraulic press

Technical parameters of Deep drawing hydraulic press

Xinke will provide you with a variety of tonnage Deep drawing hydraulic press

Technical parameters of Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press

 air cooling
 Moving Table
 Servo Control
 Normal Control
 Light curtain safety device
 column lubrication device
 Cutting dampening system
 touch industrial display
 displacement sensing device
 Proportional regulation for cushion force
 Proportional regulation for slide speed and force
 floating guide and rolling bracket for mold change
 industrial forced refrigeration and other cooling devices
 Mold heating intelligent temperature control device or water cooling

Deep drawing hydraulic press:Meet your various process needs

Suitable for drawing, bending, forming, stamping and flanging processes, especially for the following fields
Automobile parts productions
vehicle bodywork, brake disc, oil tank, chassis, rear axle and bumper, etc.
Household Electronic
Washing machine parts, electric cooker, TV set parts, refrigerator parts
Kitchen utensils
kitchen sinks, pots, stainless steel articles and other containers
tractor, motorcycle, aircraft and 
aerospace industry

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Hydraulic deep drawing press machines:Professional processing and installation services

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What certifications do we have?

    A CE Certificate; SGS Certificate
  • Q What size products can we provide?

    A Follow the products to design the size, the max. table size now we can do is 4000*3500mm
  • Q Is it possible to customize the hydraulic press? How to customize?

    A Yes! most of presses are customized! Customers only need to provide their products details or the press requirements, the we will design the suitable machine..




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