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Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press

  • Cartridge Foundation System equipped in hydraulic control system and below 550t, equipped in Electro-slider valve hydraulic system with high reliability and durability, small hydraulic impact, and minimum hydraulic impact design.
  • Electrical system controlled by PLC unit, with the features of compact, sensitivity, reliability and flexibility.
  • Three operation modes: Adjustment, Two-hand/single circle and Auto continuous(equipped with robots) operations
  • Under the choice of different actions, having Preset Stroke Forming or Preset Pressure Forming Process, and cushion actions including Rest, Ejection or blankholding can be selected.
  • Flange Connections is adopted in Hydraulic Plumbing System with good sealing performance and reducing leak point.

Complete Optional Accessories Service

Mobile workbench-Xinke

Mobile workbench

Reinforced table, surface quenched, polished to make the hydraulic press more durable.

Automatic feeding system-Xinke

Automatic feeding system

Through the application of the automatic feeding system, the mistakes caused by manual operation can be avoided, and the production efficiency can be increased at the same time.

Servo CNC mold lighting-Xinke

Servo CNC mold lighting

The use of servo CNC mold lighting can effectively reduce the error rate of the machine during production operations and improve the quality of the finished product.

Light curtain safety protection device-Xinke

Light curtain safety protection device

Through the application of the light curtain safety protection device, the operation safety of the operator and the normal and safe operation of the mechanical equipment can be guaranteed.

Mould heating intelligent temperature control device-Xinke

Mould heating intelligent temperature control device

The mold heating intelligent temperature control device can intelligently control the oil temperature, which improves the intelligence of machine production and is beneficial to improve the accuracy of the finished product.

Industrial touch screen cooling equipment-Xinke

Industrial touch screen cooling equipment

Touch industrial display screens to understand the operating status of the equipment in real-time for adjustment at any time, ensuring the smoothness and high efficiency of machine production.

Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press: High-Quality Service

We have professional technicians to provide installation and debugging work for your hydraulic press, and we have strict installation and debugging procedures. We will stimulate the production debugging of the equipment in the factory in advance.

Installation service

To provide customers with more pleasant cooperation, we have established a perfect after-sales service system, our service has been throughout the whole life cycle of products, so you do not have to worry about after-sales problems.

A good after-sales service

Xinke after nearly 15 years of development, we already have a professional team, from technical production personnel to management personnel, the team cooperates with each other and is serious and responsible.

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Meet Your Various Process Needs

Suitable for drawing, bending, forming, stamping and flanging processes, especially for the following fields


Tractor, motorcycle, aircraft and aerospace industry

Kitchen utensils

kitchen sinks, pots, stainless steel articles and other containers

Household Electronic

Washing machine parts, electric cooker, TV set parts, refrigerator parts

Automobile parts productions

Vehicle bodywork, brake disc, oil tank, chassis, rear axle and bumper, etc.

Frequently Asked Question

CE Certificate; SGS Certificate

Follow the products to design the size, the max. table size now we can do is 4000*3500mm

Yes! most of presses are customized! Customers only need to provide their products details or the press requirements, the we will design the suitable machine..

The customer communicates fully with us. We compile the technical parameter table of the hydraulic press under the condition of fully understanding the product performance. After the two parties have reached an agreement, the contract is signed and the deposit is paid. The seller places the production plan to produce the hydraulic press according to the contract. After the production of the hydraulic press is completed , The buyer pays the balance and the seller delivers the goods. Then the seller sends personnel to the buyer’s factory to instruct and install and debug the hydraulic press, train the customer to operate and use, and sign a commissioning order. At this point, the machine will be guaranteed for one year and maintenance for life.

Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press FAQ Guide

1.What is a deep drawing hydraulic press?

Deep drawing is a sheet metal forming process in which a sheet metal blank is radially drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch.[1] It is thus a shape transformation process with material retention. The process is considered “deep” drawing when the depth of the drawn part exceeds its diameter.

This one is accomplished by redrawing all parts through a series of dies. The sheet metal in the die shoulder sector which is the flange region occurrences a radial drawing stress. By using a space holder wrinkles can be prevented. The process of this is very much important and effective. For better performance,it needs to avoid many things. Often this is the combination of stretch forming and deep drawing. Both together works great. And during the deep drawing process,there have different types of stress condition result in the metal. So deep drawing is a process for an effective impact. It is a very important metal forming process that can make the whole thing easily. It is a challenging task also so that you need to have experienced labour for it.

If you want to punch move up and down, then the deep drawing process will be ideal for you. It also includes different steps and you have to eliminate those steps. This deep drawing always produces different shapes with close ends. It also does not include any joins. It also includes high accuracy. It also helps to produce very strong parts. If you are looking for the best deep-drawing machine, and then you should choose us. We are one of the best companies who produce large quantity deep drawing machines with different dimensions and power.

2.Why the hydraulic pressure is used in deep drawing operation?

For deep-drawing applications, deep drawing hydraulic presses provide exceptional flexibility. They also offer programming versatility, which can be used to optimize them for each specific use for maximum productivity and finished-product integrity.

Many different ways use while the deep drawing processes. And hydraulic pressure is one of the most important things used in deep-drawing operations. This pressure is very effective and efficient for this operation. As it has the best way to manufacture the product. And also it makes the product compaction high. There are many favourableimpacts that this hydraulic pressure can bear. It gives the product exceptional flexibility that is much important thing. And increase very positive productivity and also hold the elegance of that product. Forming operation is one of the most promising technical things in the metal forming processing program. This processing result also reviled that the forming time can be reduced and in that time you can able to make more production.

We focus on quality. We have a large inspection team and our team members are always ready to deliver the best quality products. We always focus on features, size, legth of the machine, and its production capacity. We also help to guide our client regarding press assembly and how to maintain the press proeprly. If you wish, we can also guide you at every step. We always offer strong customer care service. If you need any type of information regarding the order, transport, packing or price, just mail us or call us within office time. we will provide you all the information with details in a mail within 1-2 days.


3.Frame Styles of deep drawing press?

Several press frame styles allow for multiple draws to be performed in one press. Frame styles typically used in deep-draw applications are vertical action, horizontal action, and inline multistation. Any of these designs can incorporate multiple rams for double or triple action.
This one is one of the most important and effective parts of a deep drawing process. Frame styles are very important while the process. So there are 3 types of design of frames.
• Vertical action
• Horizontal action
• Inline multi station
These 3 applications of frames are mainly used for it. And any of these 3 used for double or triple action. So you need to know the basic types of the frame that are used in deep drawing press. The improvement for this process is one of the reasonsforthe development. This one is a high strength application. So it is the most important manufacturing process as well.

Before purchase a deep drawing press, it’s essential to know the working principle of a deep drawing press. It helps to understand how to use this press machine. Yes, it is very simple to operate! You don’t need special skill or skill full labor to operate a deep drawing press. Anyone who has minimum knowledge about the press can use it. And once you place an order to us we will send as per deep drawing press a manual guide book. You can check that guide book which helps you to guide always. you can install any type of hydraulic press or deep drawing press anytime. 

4.Hydraulic Circuit of deep drawing press?

A stamping manufacturer needs to consider which hydraulic circuit design is appropriate for its application. Knowledge of the optimal and maximum draw speeds of the material to be drawn, and having a circuit design that can adjust to those draw speeds, is essential to reducing cycle time while maintaining part quality.

The simplest hydraulic system is a single, fixed, displacement-pump circuit. This circuit is suitable for deep-drawing applications in which the drawn shell is pushed out through the bottom of the die. This allows the punch to be set just above the blank’s load height. As soon as the cycle is initiated, the punch engages the blank and begins the draw, pushing the part out of the bottom of the die and returning to the pre-programmed top stop set point.

For increased advance and retract speeds, multiple pumps and a regenerative (regen) hydraulic circuit design typically is used. This regen design can more than double the advance speed with a minimal increase in power. A double-pump circuit can increase the approach and retract speeds using the same size (horsepower motor) as a single-pump circuit by using the available motor horsepower when the press is not drawing. A regen circuit directs the oil from the rod end of the cylinder to the piston end of the cylinder. With this type of hydraulic system, rapid advance speeds of 1,000 to 2,000 inches per minute (IPM) can be achieved with little or no additional horsepower required. The system is designed to achieve the full flow and pressure required of the pressing pump during the draw phase while still delivering high rapid advance and retract speeds to reduce the overall cycle time.

With today’s advancements in hydraulic pumps, it is possible to accurately adjust pressures and flows of the oil for any particular part of the press cycle. HP-limited pumps ensure that the maximum flow of oil is being introduced to the cylinder to minimize the draw time required. The ability to control the pump output provides exceptional flexibility in the hydraulic circuit.
For added repeatability and accuracy, proportional valves are used for directional and pressure control. With proportional directional valves offering less than 0.1 percent hysteresis, it is possible to achieve ±0.001-in. positional accuracy. Proportional relief valves compensate for changes in oil temperature and flow to achieve repeatable pressure.
This one is works by pressing a low level of force onto the plunger which presses the fluid below. Then the pressure distributed evenly everywhere so that the ram raises. This pressure works between them only. You need to have that knowledge of that pressure very well. This works for different operations as well. Pressure is the most important thing in it that connects parts. In if work in an industrial environment then you need to come across this. Simply It helps to press metallic objects into a metal sheet. Besides this thinning glasses or crushing and many more things can possible with it. It can be broadly classified on the method of the application.

We have expert engineers who are ready to offer you the best service. Our engineer will draw the design if you need a customized press and then based on your need we will offer you the best service. Visit our website or contact us to know more details. We also offer strong customer care service as well. Our main aim is to deliver quality service all the time.

5.Ancillary Functions of deis working press?

Drawing shells often requires that a reverse force be applied to “clamp” the material as it is being drawn. Any of the press styles can incorporate a cushion/blank holder to help manufacture the part. Usually the cushion/blank holder is used to clamp the material at a certain pressure to control the flow of the material as it is being drawn into the draw die. This pressure can be adjusted throughout the draw to accommodate the material’s characteristics and prevent it from wrinkling or tearing.

Another feature available in a deep-draw press is a knockout, which is generally ram-mounted. This can be used to punch out a hole in the end of the shell, coin the bottom, or retain the drawn shell on the tooling as the punch returns to the pre-programmed top stop set point.

Some auxiliary hydraulics might be added to enable side punching. In addition, hydraulic oil flow and pressure might be required within the die itself. This can be designed into the hydraulic press and integrated into the controls to allow actuation when needed within the cycle.

There are many functions but this one is one of the most important parts of the deep drawing press. It helps you prevent many negative impacts on the product. It helps to keep away wrinkles or tearing from the product. And another feature thatis also effective that to knock out. So this can help to remove the hole which creates at the end of the shell and set the point properly. It controls the situation while processing and it controls when needed.

The main purpose of the deep drawing is it helps to increase production. You will be able to increase your production line very easily. We can manufacture different shapes and sizes of a deep drawing press. You just need to check and select the best type of hydraulic press as per your requirement. We can able to deliver large quantity hydraulic presses in any shape and size. Choose any shape and sized product as per your need. Our order process is very simple. We are one of the deep drawing press, hydraulic press manufacturers and we offer the best quality press as per your need. 

6.Customized range of deep drawing hydraulic press?

Bed size, tonnage, stroke, speed, and more can be tailored to your specific draw-forming application.
When it comes to the customizedthe rang of the deep drawing press then there are some important things that you need to know and keep in your mind as well. Not all ranges of deep drawing are the same. So that you need to know the reason behind customized the product. You need to specifically maintain the size and the tonnage. And also need to care about the speed and that can be more tailoredthan your specific deep drawing application.

Another best benefit is, a deep drawing press is very flexible. You can easily operate the press as per your need. The weight of the deep drawing press differs. You can choose the low weight hydraulic press, mid-weight hydraulic press, or the heavyweight hydraulic press as well. If you are looking for a flexible deep drawing press then contact us! We are ready to offer you the best quality deep drawing press which lasts long! We have different types of deals on a deep drawing press. you can check and select any type of press you need.

7.The advantages of using the deep draw process in your manufacturing operation?

There are numerous advantages to using the deep draw process to produce certain metal parts compared to traditional molding or casting. Deep draw presses provide optimal control of force distribution and material flow, resulting in structurally superior finished parts while eliminating wrinkling or tearing of the material.

A drawing press drawing reduces waste and minimizes production costs as the process results in the manufacture of a net shape using minimal material. Assembly costs can also be reduced by redesigning multiple components into one deep drawn part.
There are so many advantages of this deep drawing process if you use it for any manufacturing operations. And all advantages are the best and you are not able to ignore them. So those advantages are,
• it’s speed, no other processes can compete with the speed of this process to punch press moving up and down.
• it’s workingto the produced shape with close ends.
• it has high accuracy.
• and it also produces very strong parts very easily.

There are much more advantages of this process that can be used for any hard work and make it simple. This process is for the best she concern and surface finish application. A deep drawing press is one of the best machines which help different sectors to increase their production process. Once you choose a deep drawing press and install it in your production house, you will get many benefits. The main benefit is, it helps to increase big volume productions. The main purpose of the deep press is it helps to increase production. You will be able to increase your production line very easily. We can manufacture different shapes and sizes of a deep drawing press. You just need to check and select the best type of deep drawing press as per your requirement. We can able to deliver large quantity deep drawing press machine in any shape and size

8.Application fields of deep drawing hydraulic press?

Hydraulic Deep Draw presses are optimized for manufacturing a variety of deep drawn components and provide the ability to rapidly and cost effectively manufacture high precision deep drawn components for a variety of industries including automotive, appliance, cookware, medical, consumer & industrial products, and more.
The process and the application is the most important part of it. Deep drawing is mainly used to made sheet metal and various plastics. The production is equally acceptable for industrial small series or mass production as well. Besides this many other every day objects are connected tothe deep drawing process. This process is typically associated with the lower cost of raw materials than conventional methods.

If you are from those industries and looking for the best type of machine which helps in your production like, sample making process, then choose us. We are one of the best manufacturing companies who offer superior quality services the use of deep drawing press is rapidly increasing and using this machine sample preparation can be done. Once you will use this machine for preparing the sample, you will get a superior quality product that maintains quality all the time. This type of machine is the best for high-volume sample preparation. It also increases the speed of sampling.

9.The operation mode of deep drawing hydraulic press?

Under the choice of different actions, having Preset Stroke Forming or Preset

The operation mood ofthe deep drawing hydraulic press is very important in the whole process. This is a power saving mood. There are many different activities or actions in that process and the operation mood depends on the different types of actions. This process depends on the different types of regions and manufacturing processes. If you want to to know more details about the deep drawing press or what specification will be best for your plant or manufacturing unit, we will guide you all the time. You don’t need to worry. We will follow your requirement and based on your need, we will send you complete details and price quote in a mail. Once we received your mail, we will send reply within time.

Select any type of deep drawing machines as per your need. There are different types of deep drawing machines available in the market. Based on your final product, you need to choose the best type of press for your plant. Whether you have plastic manufacturing unit, aluminium, or steel, based on your finish product type, you may choose any type of press you needed. Contact us to know more details. A hydraulic press is one type of machine which includes a hydraulic cylinder to make a compressive force. Basically, to create sample preparation! You have to understand the principle of the hydraulic press. The hydraulic press always works on the principle of pascals law and here pressure needs to be applied to a confined fluid and pressure also change occurs throughout the entire fluid

10.Advantage of deep drawing hydraulic press?

Hydraulic control uses the cartridge valve integrated system, reliable operation, long service life, small hydraulic impact, reduce the edge over road and leak. Independent of the electric control system, reliable operation, intuitive and easy maintenance.Fast approaching speed of movable working table creates higher production efficiency. Adopt centralized control buttons, with the adjustment, manual single cycle two kinds of operating mode.Through the selection of operation panel, which can realize the fixed distance and constant pressure two molding process, and have confirmed when rolling, and other functions.

This process is one step function with multiple work efficiency. So that this one is the best in that way. There are so many different advantages of this deep drawing hydraulic press. Those are,

• it is known of full of advantages as it can be used in products requiring elements and it works with minimal labour efforts.
• it helps to make the product stronger than any other.
• though the initial set up costing very high but the process of this is can be automated and that is why it can produce a huge quantity of that production.
• the wasted material creates during the process can be reused later in other applications also.

So that there are so many positive impacts that you can not ignore them. If you are looking for the best quality deep drawing machine, then you should choose us. We are one of the best manufacturing companies who are ready to offer you the best quality service. As we have years of experience in this field so we know what type of deep drawing machine will be ideal for your manufacturing unit or plant. we can guide you and provide you best advice all the time. Choose the best deal from us. We have expert technicians, engineers who will help you and guide you to select which deep drawing machine will be ideal for you.

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