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Double Action Hydraulic Press

Double Action Hydraulic Press

Xinke is a manufacturing factory specializing in the production of hydraulic machine tools of various specifications and models. We provide you with high-performance, high-competitive, high-output double action hydraulic presses. We provide double-acting hydraulic presses with tonnage ranging from 10-1000 tons, which can be customized according to your company's needs. Our double action hydraulic press has an independent power mechanism and electrical system and adopts button centralized control. It has two operation modes: adjustment and two-hand single-cycle operation. The low energy consumption and high efficiency of double action hydraulic presses can help increase the profitability of the industry.
Do you need to order a professional double action hydraulic press for your business? Use our double-action press to help your business improve production efficiency and quality. Send us your customized requirements quickly.

Xinke Provides a One-Stop Double Action Hydraulic Press Solution to Solve All Industrial Processing Problems for You

Double Action Hydraulic Press-Optional Accessories Available

 Servo CNC type                                                                            Mould lighting

 Light curtain safety protection device                                        Displacement sensing device

 Movable workbench                                                                     Mould heating intelligent temperature control device
water cooling, air cooling, industrial Forced refrigerator and other cooling devices touch industrial display

The double action hydraulic press is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials, such as stamping, bending, flanging, sheet stretching, etc. In addition, it can also be used for calibration, pressfitting, powder product molding, and non-metallic material compression molding. The hydraulic control adopts an integral cartridge valve integrated system, which reduces leakage points, reliable action and long service life. It can realize two molding processes of constant pressure and constant stroke, with the function of holding pressure and delay time, and the delay time is adjustable. The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range.
If you do not find a suitable double action power press machine, please send us consultation information immediately. We will give full play to our technology and craftsmanship to design effective equipment and customize a high-performance double action hydraulic press for you.

Xinke-Professional Manufacturer of Double Action Hydraulic Presses
  • Xinke has more than 15 years of experience in the production and development of double-acting hydraulic presses. It has a wealth of knowledge and unique insights on the production process of hydraulic machinery and the development trend of hydraulic machinery, and has gone through various hydraulic machinery process development processes. We are deeply aware of the needs of our customers in the market and have been serving customers with professional design, reasonable prices, excellent quality, and efficient and efficient after-sales service, and technical support, and finally received extensive support and recognition.
    Xinke internally implements quantitative management of the quality of double action power press machine, paying attention to the details of each process. So as to provide customers with high-quality professional double-action power presses. Contact us for more technical parameters and information about double-acting hydraulic presses.

         double action hydraulic press: high-quality service

Double Action Hydraulic Press: Standardized Production Process

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What certifications do we have?

    A CE Certificate; SGS Certificate
  • Q What size products can we provide?

    A Follow the products to design the size, the max. table size now we can do is 4000*3500mm
  • Q Is it possible to customize the hydraulic press? How to customize?

    A Yes! most of presses are customized! Customers only need to provide their products details or the press requirements, the we will design the suitable machine..
  • Q What is the cooperation process?

    A The customer communicates fully with us. We compile the technical parameter table of the hydraulic press under the condition of fully understanding the product performance. After the two parties have reached an agreement, the contract is signed and the deposit is paid. The seller places the production plan to produce the hydraulic press according to the contract. After the production of the hydraulic press is completed , The buyer pays the balance and the seller delivers the goods. Then the seller sends personnel to the buyer’s factory to instruct and install and debug the hydraulic press, train the customer to operate and use, and sign a commissioning order. At this point, the machine will be guaranteed for one year and maintenance for life.
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