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11 Top Hydraulic Press Machine Manufacturers in China

1.World Precision Machinery Group

There are many machine manufacturing companies in the world but World precise machinery group is one of the most well-known companies established in 1953. This company is located in world industrial park in Danyangcity. This one is one of the oldest and very professional manufacturers. They made high-quality products with superior technique. They mainly work for metal forming machine tools including C frames. The headquarter of the group is centered in Shanghai and they also cooperate with some other companies in the USA, Japan, Germany. So that this company made perfect and most updated products. So that the company is one of the best hydraulic press machine manufacturers.The company is specifically working for machine tools.

In the year 1953 world precision machinery group was established first! This is located in the world’s industrial park. They are one of the best hydraulic stamping machine manufacturers. They always use ultra-modern technology and advanced tool to make different types of the hydraulic machine all the time. They have proper equipment and tool which help to make any type of hydraulic press as required. They provide strong customer care service as well.

2.Guangdong Forging Machinery Co., Ltd.

This company is the worlds leading provider of hydraulic press manufacturer and forging industry and also a subsidiary of the research institute of mechanical and electrical technology. Their main business focused on fully hydraulic die forging hammer.

electric screw press, hot die forging mechanical press, high energy clutch operated screw press, automatic forging roll, and cross wedge roll, forging technology, and die development. All products of this company are very efficient and the product quality is very high and stable with high-tech products accounting for 90 percent of total sales revenue. Besides this, the product structure helps to develop high speed, scale, and efficiency as well.

This is another best china based company that produces different types of hydraulic press constantly. There are different types of hydraulic stamping press available in the market and you may choose any type of press as per your need and requirement. Select the best type of hydraulic press as per your need and requirement. Find the best deal from us now!

3.Anhui Lifu Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

This is a comprehensive company which is specialized in producing forging drawing, equipment, and punching mold, and Anhui LIFU Machinery Technology Co, Ltd is one of them. They mainly provide power press, ironworker, hydraulic press machine and specially designed. All products are suitable for aviation, kitchen, household, chemical engineering, building, electrical applications, and many others. They provide the best service and quality to their customers. The company knows as the most popular hydraulic machine manufacturer in the market. The company makes different types of machines and is known for the best and satisfied customers rating.

The power press is operating by air or gas whereas the hydraulic stamping press always moves under pressure. To know more details about power press and stamping press, contact now. The hydraulic transmission system of a four-column hydraulic press is composed of a power mechanism, a control mechanism, an executive mechanism, an auxiliary mechanism, and a working medium. The power mechanism usually uses an oil pump as the power mechanism and is generally an integrated oil pump. To meet the requirements of the speed of the actuator, an oil pump or multiple oil pumps are selected. A hydraulic stamping press is helping to increase the production process.


This company is becoming the leading provider of hydraulic presses manufacturing company which is located in China. They are more than a press manufacturer and supplier. They specialized in customized products and can be your business partners as well. Their specialty is forming solutions as per the specific applications.This company is very confident about their work and services.The company has strong research and development capabilities that make a difference with others and the best hydraulic press suppliers in the market. They are very focused on their products and services. The experts are very experienced and efficient during the process of manufacturing the products always.

Lexon is a professional manufacturer of the hydraulic press. There are different types of hydraulic press available in the market. You may choose any type of hydraulic press as per your need. They also provide customized solutions to their customers. They will focus on the engineering team and they will prepare different types of the hydraulic press as per your need.

5.Xi'an Anke Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

This company is specialized in research, manufacturing, and sale of all equipment which needs while engine repairs.  They are very reliable and efficient for 40 years. They provide a camshaft grinding machine, vertical fine boring machine, valve seat boring machine, milling machine, and many more. The company develops differently with special and innovative equipment.  In 2007 the company develops a special boring machine for space engines and 400 special horizontal spinning machines. The company is very efficient and reliable so that it is one of the best companies. Besides this, equipment maintenance is the best thing that this company is known for. 

Xi’an Anke Machine Tool Co., Ltd is one of the best manufacturers of hydraulic presses.  They are specialized in both production and research. They have almost 40 years’ experience in this field. Choose the best type of machine as per your need. Check and select the best type of company that offer superior quality products which last long. 

There are several purposes where this type of stamping process press machine is used rapidly. The purpose of the machine is to deliver the best quality products and it helps to save your production time and cost. Labour doesn’t need to do manual work whenever this machine starts running. It helps to increase the production process and it saves your production cost.

6. Harsle

Harsle is a modern manufacturer company which is located in the Special Economic Zone of Nanjing Ancient Capital. This company manufactures different types of NC and CNC press, hydraulic press, shearing machine, power press, and other related machines.  They provide first-class service to their customers. The company has strong and highly developed design ability, advanced management mode, and German machinery technology as well. So, that the product quality is always rising to a high level. Besides this, the product production process is under the experienced team, like decoration, shipbuilding, automobiles, and others.  

Harsle is one of the best companies for manufacturing hydraulic press machines. There are different types of hydraulic press available in the market and you may choose any type of hydraulic press as per your need. Visit their website to know more details about their product details. They also provide customized products as well.

7.China GoodsJack Hydraulic Press Machinery Co., Ltd

A company called China GoodsJack Hydraulic Press Machinery Co., Ltd is founded in 1997 which is specialized on designed and manufacturing some products like hydraulic presses,  forging presses, and servo-hydraulic presses.  They have 20 years of experience in this field. A hydraulic press has different types,  such as two-column types,  four-column types, C type, frame type, and others. Some parts are used in the press machine are imported from Europe, the US, and Japan.  

This is one of the best hydraulic press manufacturing companies. This company is developing day by day. They also provide the best quality machines as per your need. You will find the different types of pieces of machinery from them. They will customize their requirement as well. Whether you need heavy machinery or lightweight machinery, you will get all types of machinery anytime.  They need standard time to complete their production. They also provide strong customer care service.

8.Shandong JianhaYuyang Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shandong JianhaYuyang Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1996 which is located in Shandong, China. It is also one of the leading companies in the market. They have very high standards and the best development techniques with advanced production equipment.  They mainly provide hydraulic presses, drilling machines, shoe materials, and other related machinery things.  We have our customers in Europe, Russia,  Bangladesh, South Korea, India, America, and others. Their customers are their main priority.  If you are looking for the best quality hydraulic press for your manufacturing plant, then shandong is one of the best companies. They are a very old company and reputed as well. They follow always advanced technology which helps to make the ultimate best product all the time.  They also provide strong customer care service. Choose the best type of machinery as per your need.


Tsinfacompany located in China is a professional supplier and manufacturer of hydraulic presses. It can also provide a punching buffer, punching device, mobile table, and other punching devices according to customer needs.  It can be used in many different ways. The company also made customized products as per the customer requirements. Besides this, the company also works for bending,  shaping,  stamping,  nesting, and other related machinery services. So that there are so many different types of machines that the company manufacturers strongly!

A stamping machine is one type of machine that processes sheet metal into any desired shape. If you want to get any specific shape, then you have to use this stamping press. It can change any type of shape as per your need. It can include different metal forming techniques like punching, blanking, perforating and bending, etc. Choose the best type of hydraulic stamping press as per your need. Create any shape and size using this machine.

Tianjin Tianduan Press Co., Ltd established in 1956 which is a company that produces domestic hydraulic presses and other related machinery. It becomes a leader in this industry nowadays. The company has 50 series, more than 1000 press, and products. All of these products are suppliers all over the world. It is the hydraulic power press machine manufacturer company that works for the best. The company works on the best and high-quality product production services always.

There are different types of hydraulic stamping press available in the market and you may choose any type of press as per your need and requirement. They can customize the hydraulic stamping press color, shape, and size if you wish. For this, you have to send them the complete quotation. They always use an advanced technology which helps to make good press which lasts long. Choose the best deal from them.


Xinke is a very popular and reliable company that established in 2005 and located in economic development zone huzhou city. This company is the scientific and development manufacturing industry that specializes in research on the design and development of different sizes of CNC, servo, special hydraulic press and complete set of every machine. The company provides high quality and updated technological innovation. All products are suppliedin different countries such as Thailand,  Malaysia,  India, Romania and other countries and carrya good reputation.  In recent years the company develops differently specially and innovatively. 

 A hydraulic press is mainly used for molding, forging, clinching, punching, deep drawing, and other operations. A hydraulic press is very advantageous and good for the manufacturing unit. This type of stamping machine always helps to improve the production capacity. 

There are different types of hydraulic press available in the market and you may choose any type of hydraulic press as per your need. It is built in for overload protection. If you will compare it with the Mechanical press, it is safe. This type of machine is completely compact. It also requires lower tool costs. It is quite good in operation. You have to use greater versatility if you compared it with other mechanical presses. Choose the best hydraulic stamping press as per your need.

These are the above stated 11 hydraulic press companies that offer their services worldwide. If you are looking for the best quality hydraulic press for your service, then choose a company from the above-listed companies. You will find a lot of information easily. Get the best service online now! Hydraulic press quality is very important. You have to choose the best hydraulic press all the time. Book your order and get the best type of hydraulic press all the time. Choose the best deal from above listed comapnies.

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