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As one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic presses in China, Xinke hydraulic presses provide customers with quality-guaranteed hydraulic press machines suitable for a variety of industrial fields.
At present, Xinke provides hydraulic press machines with four-column type, frame type, single-column type, horizontal type and many other types of hydraulic presses. Products include general hydraulic presses, single-action sheet punching hydraulic presses, double-action sheet drawing hydraulic presses, and metal extrusion molding. A variety of special hydraulic press machines such as hydraulic presses, powder forming hydraulic presses, and motor manufacturing. They have the characteristics of hydraulic machine specificity, strong applicability, stable equipment performance and convenient operation. It is especially suitable for the stamping and forming of sheet metal parts in the automobile industry, the cold extrusion forming of shafts and gear parts in auto parts, and the compression forming process of SMC, BMC, DMC, LFT and other materials in composite materials.

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Choose your preferred hydraulic press frame style or discuss your application with our experienced product design engineers who will recommend the best solution for your exact requirements.
Upstroke configuration with the following custom hydraulic press:

Xinke has designed hundreds of customized hydraulic presses in various styles.
The service life of all Xinke hydraulic presses can reach decades and has been optimized through finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure that they can withstand the deformation and stress generated during press application.

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The most commonly used rack style of hydraulic press is introduced in detail.

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